Understanding Software for CRM

Understanding Software for CRM

People are looking for Software for CRM all over the world right now. This evolving trend in business is because Customer Relationship Management is now the accepted methodology for developing new customers and increasing sales.

More importantly, it is responsible for keeping these customers happy. Building valuable relationships and managing all touchpoints with a customer, from the sales team to the customer service team. Each of these areas that represent the business to the customer can now share the same information and understand what everyone else is doing.

The key benefit of Software for CRM is getting everyone in the company to work towards a common goal: increasing income while reducing costs to aquire new sales. Additionally, reducing the costs of supporting customers is another key goal.

Software for CRM – Lead Development and Management

Software for CRM focuses on a customer lifecycle. It begins with developing new leads through well focused marketing efforts. Part of a Software for CRM suite usually includes a Marketing Automation system. This program is designed to develop and nurture new leads. These leads, or suspects, are just becoming aware of the business. Between the automation in the software, such as automated email followups and the manual touches, ie. the scheduled follow up calls with the lead, the business is able to develop leads into customers much more quickly than before.

Software for CRM – Relationship Building

A lead from the Marketing Automation system then is managed through the CRM, tracking all activities, including calls, emails and meetings. Once a lead becomes interested in making a purchase, the lead becomes a customer and all the contacts related to that new customer can be documented. Further all activities with this new customer are documented. All emails and messages to the customer are documented. This enables the sales team and management to understand where the relationship stands.
Software for CRM Lifecycle
Relationships are built and tracked with key contacts. These contact records are critical to building the relationship and understanding the lay-of-the-land within the company. More importantly, key information about these contacts can be documented, such as personal preferences, and key relationships that the contact may have, such as their spouse and children, or their relationship to other customers.

Software for CRM – The Sales Funnel

When a customer has indicated they may be thinking about a purchase, an opportunity can be be created to track the sales process. This is where the Sales Funnel is managed. A typical sales cycle includes developing the relationship, defining the offer, proposing the solution, negotiating, and winning the deal (or losing it). These steps can be defined many different ways, but essentially, they follow the same process no matter what you are selling.

Software for CRM – Customer Service

Lastly, a Software for CRM solution helps you manage your customers and their issues after the sale. Allowing all issues to be tracked and quickly resolved allows you to not only create happy customers, but also to generate new sales. Again, using automation you can improve the follow up and communication with customers about their support requests and bring these support cases to a timely resolution.

Key Benefits of Software for CRM

By following a standardized opportunity process, you can shorten the sales cycle. Further, it creates a standardized process where you can align the entire sales team to following the methods that work.

Tracking the sales pipeline helps management forecast cashflow and make intelligent decisions. Being able to report and analyze this information and other trends in your customer database is another key aspect of Software for CRM. A good CRM Solution has a robust and flexible Reporting and Analytics module.

In summary, a good Software for CRM solution should help you manage an entire customer lifecycle. From lead, to prospect, to pending sale, to closed sale, to relationship building and supporting customer issues. If you have questions, please feel free to post your comments below.


Software for CRM

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