Sage ACT! CRM Software Review

Sage ACT! is one of the most favored and affordable CRM programs around, with millions of consumers around an array of vertical marketplaces. This particular Customer Relationship Management solution has all of the features a small company’s salesforce needs to manage their particular sales focus and advance new clients at a software cost level that won’t hurt your wallet.

A number of the characteristics we like are the meetings transcription function and also activity reminders, but besides the sales management capabilities, Sage ACT! also has the basic campaign management abilities to assist your business generate stron strategies and track the potency of your own marketing efforts.

Because the solution is ver known and also widely-used in the the United State and in another countries, there is a strong likelihood that somebody on your team already knows how to utilize this system. Even when they don’t, we believe it’s unbelievably user-friendly, as well as intuitive, so the learning and study curve ought to be at a minimum.

Sage ACT! is made for the small enterprise, and thus priced appropriately. The frugal buyer will discvoer the typical CRM applications at a pricing level that he/she will appreciate. There aren’t any concealed charges and you don’t worry about a later bill for expensive upgrades. Finally, we like the fact you may also change the program to meet your requirements with individualized layout opinions and also communication templates.

Sage ACT! comes the additional options of integration with Sage Simply Accounting or with Sage Peachtree Accounting.  It would be nice if they had more pre-built integrations to other packages, such as Quickbooks, but it seems that even the partner solutions are tied around the other Sage Products such as MAS90.

Speaking of Partners, there is a strong partner network.  So should you need a customization outside the standard configuration options, data conversions, or other assistance, you can typically find a local Sage partner who can assist you.  This type of local support is invaluable to a small business and it is a key selling feature of the Sage ACT! Solution.

Sage ACT! Video Review

Sage ACT! CRM Software Features

Sage ACT! CRM comes with many features that would satisfy most businesses.   There are two flavors of the software; The Professional Version and the Premier Version.  The Professional Version includes the following features:

  • Contacts, groups, and companies
  • Activity management
  • Seamless interaction with desktop and web-based productivity tools, and social media, like Microsoft® Outlook,® Gmail,™ LinkedIn, and more
  • Opportunity management
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Standard security settings, including user permissions and access

And if you get the Premier Version you also get:

  • Group scheduling
  • Dashboards and reports with team views
  • Additional security settings including field-level security1
  • Advanced administration and deployment
  • Options for customers with a large number of users or large databases
  • Web access to complete Sage ACT! Premium details, maintained by your IT admin or a Sage ACT! Hosting Provider
It makes sense that you pilot the solution on the Professional version and then if you decide you wish to expand the footprint to a larger team, then you can upgrade to the Premier Version.

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File as: Sage ACT! CRM’s Service Cloud 3 is poised to revolutionalize the customer service industry announces Service Cloud 3

Service Cloud 3, a new offering from was announced yesterday at Cloudforce 2011 in New York.

Service Cloud 3 brings together the social media with providing exceptional customer service. Instead of the old model of a telephone queue in a call center, Salesforce is addressing the need for managing customer service issues that are now being posted to Twitter and Facebook. You need to react faster.

With this tool, you can scan the social media networks and watch for customer service issues. These issues are posted in real-time to a case in for a customer service agent to resolve. These often are quick question and answer resolutions.

The actual call center functionality is not lost in Service Cloud 3. You can still do all the case management functionality within Salesforce Cases, but you can do more. They demo the real-time functionality such as “face-time” where you can actually have a video chat right from within This will save a lot of time on calls as people can actually show the rep what the issue is.

This is an interesting video once you get to the demo. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Video: Service Cloud 3 overview

Finding out more about Service Cloud 3


Service Cloud 3

Service Cloud 3

Understanding Software for CRM

Understanding Software for CRM

People are looking for Software for CRM all over the world right now. This evolving trend in business is because Customer Relationship Management is now the accepted methodology for developing new customers and increasing sales.

More importantly, it is responsible for keeping these customers happy. Building valuable relationships and managing all touchpoints with a customer, from the sales team to the customer service team. Each of these areas that represent the business to the customer can now share the same information and understand what everyone else is doing.

The key benefit of Software for CRM is getting everyone in the company to work towards a common goal: increasing income while reducing costs to aquire new sales. Additionally, reducing the costs of supporting customers is another key goal.

Software for CRM – Lead Development and Management

Software for CRM focuses on a customer lifecycle. It begins with developing new leads through well focused marketing efforts. Part of a Software for CRM suite usually includes a Marketing Automation system. This program is designed to develop and nurture new leads. These leads, or suspects, are just becoming aware of the business. Between the automation in the software, such as automated email followups and the manual touches, ie. the scheduled follow up calls with the lead, the business is able to develop leads into customers much more quickly than before.

Software for CRM – Relationship Building

A lead from the Marketing Automation system then is managed through the CRM, tracking all activities, including calls, emails and meetings. Once a lead becomes interested in making a purchase, the lead becomes a customer and all the contacts related to that new customer can be documented. Further all activities with this new customer are documented. All emails and messages to the customer are documented. This enables the sales team and management to understand where the relationship stands.
Software for CRM Lifecycle
Relationships are built and tracked with key contacts. These contact records are critical to building the relationship and understanding the lay-of-the-land within the company. More importantly, key information about these contacts can be documented, such as personal preferences, and key relationships that the contact may have, such as their spouse and children, or their relationship to other customers.

Software for CRM – The Sales Funnel

When a customer has indicated they may be thinking about a purchase, an opportunity can be be created to track the sales process. This is where the Sales Funnel is managed. A typical sales cycle includes developing the relationship, defining the offer, proposing the solution, negotiating, and winning the deal (or losing it). These steps can be defined many different ways, but essentially, they follow the same process no matter what you are selling.

Software for CRM – Customer Service

Lastly, a Software for CRM solution helps you manage your customers and their issues after the sale. Allowing all issues to be tracked and quickly resolved allows you to not only create happy customers, but also to generate new sales. Again, using automation you can improve the follow up and communication with customers about their support requests and bring these support cases to a timely resolution.

Key Benefits of Software for CRM

By following a standardized opportunity process, you can shorten the sales cycle. Further, it creates a standardized process where you can align the entire sales team to following the methods that work.

Tracking the sales pipeline helps management forecast cashflow and make intelligent decisions. Being able to report and analyze this information and other trends in your customer database is another key aspect of Software for CRM. A good CRM Solution has a robust and flexible Reporting and Analytics module.

In summary, a good Software for CRM solution should help you manage an entire customer lifecycle. From lead, to prospect, to pending sale, to closed sale, to relationship building and supporting customer issues. If you have questions, please feel free to post your comments below.


Software for CRM

An Inside Look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software

Don Fornes, CEO of our partner Software Advice, sat down with Brad Wilson, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software, to discuss the state of the CRM software market.

Brad points out some interesting things about the CRM environment. He mentions that Customer data is a key part of a companies valuation. This is an interesting point as companies talk about hard assets as the things that hold a dollar valuation. But as he mentions, the information of the company, especially the relationship information is extremely valuable. It is one of the key assets of the company.

Being that CRM is all dependent upon the user adoption, much of which comes from a successful rollout, Brad discusses the four things that you need for a successful CRM rollout.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software – Video 2

Please watch this video and give us your comments below.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software

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